Bidding Schedule

Purchases of supplies, materials, equipment and contractual services in excess of $10,000, including those of individual schools, are based on competitive bids, per Policy 2.8061 of the Wayne County School System.* Bids are solicited through advertisement in the Wayne County News and are posted at the Central Office, 419 S. Main St., Waynesboro.

Below is a general schedule of bids let annually by the Wayne County School District. This is a general schedule and could vary.

February:  Mowing
March: Long Distance Phone Service
July:          Copy Paper
                   Pest Control
August:     Milk and Bread
October:   Buses
                  Electrical Supply

For more information about the bidding process, contact Annette Beck at 931-722-3548.

*Exemptions from bids include contracts for legal services, educational consultants and similar services by professional people or groups.


The Wayne County Board of Education is accepting bids for the construction of (3) tennis courts at Collinwood High School, Collinwood Tennessee. Specifications are available from the Wayne County Board of Education, 419 South Main Street, P.O. Box 658, Waynesboro TN 38485. Bids must be sealed and clearly labeled as “Tennis Court Bid” and submitted to Wayne County Board of Education at the above address no later than 2:00 pm on    Tuesday, Jan. 23rd, 2018 . No late bids will be considered. The Wayne County Board of Education reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Barry Hanback, Chairman

Marlon Davis, Secretary


Bid items are based on the following description for land grading and the tennis court construction. Bids may be submitted for these items or equivalent as determined by the Wayne County Board of Education. Bid items are to be constructed before June 2018. Bids must include the total cost of project such as dirt work, backhoe operation, construction of asphalt, construction of tennis court, fencing and any construction incidental expense.   Bidders must view the work site before bidding.

Land Grading

Construction of a 160ft x 120ft compacted dirt pad with a 1% pitch from east to west. All equipment, materials, and labor will be provided by the bidder. A dozer will be used to achieve the proper slope. A compactor will be used to fill and compact the soil in 7 inch layers to achieve at least a 95% compaction rate. Laser operated equipment will be used to ensure a 1% pitch.

Tennis Court Constructon

Land preparation should include the installation of stone to a 4 inch base, installation of 2 inch compacted thickness hot asphalt binder course, and installation of 1 ½ inch hot asphalt surface course. The installation of approximately 560 ft. of 10’ tall galvanized fencing will surround all three tennis courts. This fencing will include top rails, mesh, line posts, tension posts, bottom tension wire and two 4 ft x 7 ft walk gates. Three sets of Douglas Sidewinder tennis net posts with sleeves and three center anchors will be installed. Two coats of Color Courts Acrylic Resurfacer will be applied. Two coats of Color Courts Acrylic Colorcoat will be applied. Three sets of white lines marked for doubles play will be applied. Three Douglas TN36-DM tennis nets will be installed.



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