Bidding Schedule

Purchases of supplies, materials, equipment and contractual services in excess of $10,000, including those of individual schools, are based on competitive bids, per Policy 2.8061 of the Wayne County School System.* Bids are solicited through advertisement in the Wayne County News and are posted at the Central Office, 419 S. Main St., Waynesboro.

Below is a general schedule of bids let annually by the Wayne County School District. This is a general schedule and could vary.

February:  Mowing
March: Long Distance Phone Service
July:          Copy Paper
                   Pest Control
August:     Milk and Bread
October:   Buses
                  Electrical Supply

For more information about the bidding process, contact Annette Beck at 931-722-3548.

*Exemptions from bids include contracts for legal services, educational consultants and similar services by professional people or groups.




School Supplies